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Porcelain veneer restorations closed the unwanted spaces spaces between this young lady’s front teeth while keeping the natural shading and color of her original dentition, according to the patient’s desired outcome.

This patient had a tooth-arch discrepancy leaving spaces between most of the front teeth. Braces would not result in small teeth being pushed together and altering the natural biology of the tooth spacing within the jaw. After much research this patient elected to close the spaces with porcelain veneers creating proportionately sized teeth as well as a brighter/whiter color. Natural teeth were whitened and veneers were matched to the new lighter tooth shades.


The unsightly appearance of these old porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns were an unnecessary source of self- consciousness for the patient. The gum line was reshaped with a crown lenthening procedure and all ceramic porcelain crowns were used to restore the 2 front teeth.


This fractured tooth was restored with a porcelain veneer. Matching the two upper front teeth is extremely difficult.


This is before replacing a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown on the upper right central incisor (upper front tooth on your right). To match the two upper front teeth is considered the hardest thing to do in dentistry. Size, shape, color of the tooth and color of the gums as a result of the underlying metal all need to be addressed. The New crown (right) on the upper right center tooth is now restored to it’s natural appearance.