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Abscessed Tooth

 (May include Swelling/Fever/Pain/Pressure) Antibiotics may be needed if you experience any of these symptoms. Contact our office as soon as possible as a root canal may also be necessary.

Broken Tooth 

Most importantly, keep the area clean by rinsing with warm water. If you experience swelling, cold compresses are recommended until we are able to evaluate.

Erupting Teeth 

Gently applying cold to the area will assist in pain relief. Heat or cold sensitivity Sensitivity is normal after a dental procedure. If sensitivity persists beyond 72 hours, please call our office.

Aching Tooth 

Sometimes food may get caught in or between teeth causing discomfort. To ease any pain, brush and floss thoroughly around the area to ensure it is clean. If pain persists, an over-the-counter pain reliever may offer comfort until we are able to assist.

Knocked-out Tooth  

Keeping the root in-tact and clean is most important in this situation. If you are unsuccessful in placing the tooth back in the socket, storing it in milk or water is recommended. Covering the open area with soft wax is suggested as well as refraining from hot, cold and high sugar foods.

Pain from wisdom teeth 

Rinsing your mouth with salt water may reduce any pain you experience. If pain persists, an over-the-counter pain reliever may offer comfort.

TMJ Related Pain

Apply warm, moist heat to the area, an over-the-counter pain medication may provide relief.

Bleeding Gums

Rinsing with a salt-base such as baking soda or salt-water is recommended. Hydrogen peroxide may also provide relief.

Temporary Crown is loose or off 

Contact our office as soon as possible, Vaseline may offer a temporary seal.